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By Apollo Moto Co.,ltd.

China Youth Motocross Grand Prix held in Tianjin on October 16

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Apollo Moto’s RXF series motorcycles returned to China for the first time and won the first place in the domestic 125CC displacement group in the competition (the top three in the imported group are KTM Kawasaki HONDA).

RXF has won unanimous praise from domestic clubs with its cool styling and superior quality. Yang Jie, a well-known domestic rider, said on the spot that the RXF cross-country motorcycle was used as a training vehicle and purchased related models.
In Apollo we are dedicated to hand crafting the most innovative 4-stroke motorcycles in the world. Now our products enjoy a good reputation at home and aboard. Under the spirit of motorcycle racing, we provide the excellent products to customers all over the world. The attention to detail creates every product’s success. Every person at Apollo understands that constant innovation is what separates us from the rest.