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The Growth of Your Heart’s Direction Starts from This Moment

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“When the silkworm dies, the silkworm will be exhausted, the wax torch will turn to ashes, and the tears will begin to dry up.”
They illuminate the lives of others with their selfless dedication
“Peaches and plums don’t speak, and they make their own way”
They use sweat to water the flowers and draw the colorful seasons
This is our beloved teacher
Following and temptation are also good friends who listen sincerely
Like a bright and transparent indicator light
Guide children to carry their dreams in their hearts
Chasing Poems and Far Away
In the eyes of these hardworking “gardeners”
Witness the child’s growth
Is one of the sources of their happiness
Watching students become stronger step by step
Not afraid of difficulties and setbacks, confident and brave
A sense of accomplishment emerges spontaneously
They are like hardworking parents
Regard the child’s growth as the most precious gift
What should I do when my child grows up?
Maybe you can start with outdoor sports
Outdoor cycling
Find yourself who is going bravely
 Achieving a leap in growth
The rider who counts against every second
Experience the joy of fun and achievement
Unleash your naughty nature
Put aside all the worries and unhappiness in sports
Enjoy this moment of relaxation
The road of cycling is like the road of life
Just to exercise perseverance
And fearless mind
Before reaching the end
Get out of the comfort zone of life
Overcome difficulties and obstacles and break physical limits
Sharpen your willpower
Have the courage to accept the challenge and explore the mystery of riding
Thrive in sweat and laughter
Always have a heart that loves life
Have the courage to explore the new world and create an extraordinary self



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