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When the Gold Medal is No Longer the Only One, I Understand the Olympics

2021-10-14 Page view : 377 views

Up to now, the athletes of the Chinese sports delegation of the Tokyo Olympics have won 38 golds, 32 silvers and 18 bronzes. Every time we listen to the national anthem, review the details on the field and make people break the defense instantly. We are proud of the athletes who won the gold medal. ,


It’s even more proud of those athletes who tried their best but couldn’t get the gold medal. They have completed their transformation in the process of hitting their dreams again and again.


This is the Olympic spirit and the spirit of sports competition!


In this Olympics,


A group of “post-00s” in the Chinese team


The performance is particularly eye-catching,


At the end of this summer vacation,


Let us pass on the Olympic spirit,


Come and learn about a new outdoor sport!


“Today, the editor will give you Amway a cool outdoor sport for parents and children, which is “sassy” and fun!”


Let the children temporarily put aside the confinement of tedious studies, get rid of the temptation of online games and electronic equipment, and stay away from the pampering of “greenhouses”,


In the important “foundation of growth” year of life,


More determined and independent than children of the same age, fearless and fearless, dare to take responsibility, and move forward courageously,


Use a different outdoor ride, with the company of your parents


Enjoy nature and establish a healthy and long-term parent-child companionship;


Freeze frame with different perspectives


Build beautiful memories that belong only to you;


Children in this era have more public personality and different expectations. They should not become “children of other people”, because I am the “different self”, compared to football and basketball. For sports that have long-term requirements for quality, Apollo Electric Balance Bike and children’s cross-country motorcycles rely on external power, which is convenient for each child to quickly understand and get started! Regardless of physical fitness, whether tall, short, fat or thin, or wearing glasses, all children can enjoy it.


As a sport that needs external power to complete, Apollo Electric Balance Bike and children’s cross-country motorcycles mainly exercise children’s internal factors such as concentration, coordination, agility, judgment of danger, and physical fitness. It doesn’t have to be strong to ride a bike~


Frankly speaking, many adults have a “motorcycle dream”, but they are the first to encounter motorcycles.


Who is not afraid in his heart?


Then the child’s challenging nature will make it easier to accept such a big “toy”!


We launched the Apollo Electric Balance Bike and children’s cross-country motorcycle series, which can better cultivate children’s sense of balance, and can also prepare “safety training” in advance for children who don’t know when they will be exposed to motorcycles in the future.


Every time the child’s progress,


Not only the maturity of skills,


It’s an inner growth,


Here, you will see different “bear children”, proud of them and full of passion for them

This is how they are!